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About Building Solutions

Creating a deep-rooted foundation for the future of construction.

CRH is the world's leading building materials company

CRH provides the building materials to construct our communities and the infrastructure that connects us. Our materials have been used in some of the most iconic building projects in the world — and maybe even your own home. 

While we may be North America's largest construction materials company, our businesses have strong ties to their local communities. Our connections and relationships make a global company feel local. We offer a product breadth and footprint no other company can match, but it's our relationships that get the job done. 

Because in this business, it's who you know.

While we may have the largest building product offering in North America, our customers reach out to us for much more.

Building solutions for a growing world

The Building Solutions group at CRH is a team of construction industry veterans with diverse backgrounds — from general contractors, architects, and engineers to business owners, developers, and urban planners. Our combined experience, along with the network of connections we've built over the years, helps us bring together the right people on a project.

We've seen first-hand how technology, the economy, and politics can affect the construction industry. We'll provide you with our insights to help you understand these influencing factors and plan for the road ahead.

CRH products that build cities

Established Roots

CRH is based in Dublin, Ireland, and our history goes back over 80 years.

In the 1930s, two brothers, Tom and Donal Roche, went into business with nothing more than a sand and gravel pit and a Model T Ford truck. By 1970, their growing company, Roadstone Limited, merged with Cement Limited to form CRH. Just eight years later, CRH expanded its footprint to North America under the name Oldcastle.

For forty years, we've operated as Oldcastle in North America, but today, we proudly adopt the CRH name to strengthen the connection between our family of companies across the globe.

Like the two entrepreneurial brothers, our teams embody a spirit of ambition and hard work with a desire to build our world and form long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Let Us Work for You

No matter what phase of construction you are in, you can talk to one of our Building Solutions professionals and see what solutions are available for your next project.