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Concrete vs. Plastic Pipe [Infographic]


Ease of installation, reliability, conformance to existing standards, longevity and the bottom line are all factors that weigh in and influence the decision-making process. While the two materials have proponents and detractors in approximately equal numbers, the simple truth is that both options have their uses.

Our infographic breaks down key characteristics of these two commonly used building materials presented in an easy to read visual format.

Print it out and keep it on hand for reference when you need to make a quick comparison. It includes:

  • In which scenarios should reinforced concrete pipe be applied, and when is plastic pipe the better option?
  • What are the comparable costs when purchasing and implementing plastic or reinforced concrete pipe?
  • What are the benefits and uses of each material?
  • How does known service life play a role in choosing between reinforced concrete and plastic pipe?

With our infographic, you can quickly evaluate when, where and which pipe should be used on your projects.