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Construction Outlook: Interview with Chief Economist Alex Carrick

us construction interview with chief economist alex carrick

How Will the New Administration and Aging Generations Impact U.S. Construction?

Chief Economist Alex Carrick has been providing the construction industry with economic and forecast data for over 30 years. We interviewed him to learn what someone with his experience and background thought about the construction industry, economy and more.

We had a great time during the interview and covered a lot of ground, including the U.S. economy, the performance of construction by sector and by region, key trends in the marketplace, and Canada's economy and construction industry.

Fill out the form for access to the complete interview covering 4 key topics:

  1. U.S. Economy Outlook: In one of the longest expansions in U.S. history, should we prepare for a recession or are we in a new era of continued growth?
  2. U.S. Construction Outlook: Alex shares thoughts on residential, commercial, institutional and civil construction including the rise of urban markets, low vacancy of office buildings and the importance of soft and hard infrastructure for continued growth.
  3. High-Tech Impact on Construction: Learn how high-tech is impacting the construction industry and hear Alex's ideas to help building materials manufacturers stay on the forefront of this trend.
  4. Canadian Economy and Construction: The severe drop in oil prices has limited GDP growth for the commodity-driven economy. Fortunately, Alex sees some telltale signs of recovery.