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BioPod System with StormMix Media

Sustainable Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Treatment

The BioPod™ System is a stormwater biofiltration system from Oldcastle Infrastructure, A CRH Company, that is a proven, Low Impact Development (LID) solution for stormwater treatment. It removes total suspended solids (TSS), dissolved metals, nutrients, gross solids, trash, debris, and petroleum hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff by utilizing an advanced biofiltration design.

The system uses StormMix™ Media, an engineered high-flow rate media (153 in/hr), to remove stormwater pollutants with a removal efficiency of at least 80% of TSS and 50% of total phosphorus, which is the highest available rating.


Inside the system, the biofilitration chamber is filled with horizontal layers of aggregate, biofiltration media, and mulch. Stormwater passes vertically down through the mulch and biofiltration media for treatment. The mulch provides pretreatment by retaining most of the solids or sediment, while the biofiltration media provides further treatment by retaining finer sediment and dissolved pollutants. The aggregate allows the media bed to drain evenly for discharge through an under drain pipe or by infiltration.

BioPod has received a General Use Level Designation (GULD) approval for Basic (TSS), Phosphorus, and Enhanced (dissolved metals) Treatment from the Washington State Department of Ecology. The system was also approved by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.


The BioPod™ System comes as an all-in-one, single-piece unit composed of durable precast concrete for ease of installation and long service life. It offers an optional internal high-flow bypass that eliminates the need for a separate bypass structure, reducing costs and simplifying the design. The system is offered in four standard configurations and custom sizes to meet your site-specific requirements:Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 2.33.42 PM

BioPod™ system can be used in conjunction with other Oldcastle stormwater systems to meet water storage and treatment requirements. State and local regulations require that all stormwater management systems be inspected and maintained as necessary to ensure performance and protect downstream receiving waters. 

Learn more about the BioPod system including available configurations and technical specifications on the Oldcastle Infrastructure website

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