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Dual Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator

Pollutant Removal Simplified

The Dual Vortex Separator (DVS) from Oldcastle Infrastructure, A CRH Company,  is a hydrodynamic separator that removes Total Suspended Solids (TSS), gross solids, trash and debris — as well as petroleum hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff

Dual Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator

By directing incoming stormwater flow to two vortex tubes that operate in parallel, the separator enhances pollutant removal. The configuration of the vortex tubes and the extended flow path maximize residual time to increase the settling of solids. Sediment is collected in an isolated storage area while floating trash, debris and petroleum hydrocarbons are retained behind internal baffles.

The DVS unit can be a critical component of a comprehensive Low Impact Development (LID) strategy to help increase the service life of infiltration, detention, and retention systems as well as other stormwater treatment best management practices.

System Configurations

The DVS is available in multiple precast manhole and vault sizes with stainless steel internal components, and is sized to meet the site- and water-quality requirements of the project. Model selection is typically based on a mean particle size and target removal percentage as prescribed by the jurisdictional agency. Local rainfall data may also be used to support model selection.

To learn more about the dual vortex separator and review technical specifications, please visit the Oldcastle Infrastructure website.

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