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Mega-Tandem Mass Retaining Wall System

Mega-Tandem Mass Retaining Wall System

The Mega-Tandem™ Mass Segmental Retaining Wall (MSRW) system designed by Belgard® provides the natural appearance of chiseled stone that will complement any hardscape. The innovative, versatile system can be used to create attractive, curved or straight retaining and freestanding, landscape walls.

22in-MegaTandem-connector-assembly-webThe system eliminates the need for a geosynthetic reinforcement and reduces the amount of excavation, yet still provides the structural integrity needed to support the wall. Eliminating major excavation allows property owners to retain more of their property and — in the most serious of cases avoid eminent domain.

To learn more about the Mega-Tandem system, including specifications and features, visit the Belgard website.

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