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SurePods Quality Prefab Bathroom Pods

Prefabricated bathrooms can help you get ahead in a tight schedule

courtyard-single-podOldcastle SurePods™, a CRH brand, is the leading provider of prefabricated bathrooms in North America. Using BIM and lean manufacturing technology, SurePods works with customers from design through installation to produce custom, ready-to-install bathroom pods for hotels, hospitals, military barracks and multi-unit residential projects.


SurePods has focused on bathrooms only since 2004 and has installed over 20,000 bathroom pods to date. Their factory built bathrooms include:

  • Steel framing engineered for superior strength and accuracy
  • A completely finished interior that is clean and ready-to-use
  • SurePod Quality Prefab Bathroom PodsIntegrated, pretested plumbing and electric
  • A patented monolithic and seamless design

The Oldcastle SurePods factory employs lean manufacturing technology, another reason the bathrooms roll off the assembly line superior to those built in the field or in a temporary facility set up adjacent to the project site.

Additionally, the prefab bathrooms consolidate the talents of eight separate trades in one finished product – ready to install and inspect. There is no more worry for the contractor about coordinating and scheduling multiple trades people in a small, confined space. Top quality workmanship is guaranteed and there are no more punch lists to drag out for weeks and months.

To learn more about SurePods, including applications, specifications, and technical resources, visit the Oldcastle SurePods website.

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