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20 Opportunities to Get Involved with ACE

Whether you work in a manufacturing plant, design buildings for local customers, oversee construction, or are scouting your next project location, you got your start in the construction industry because a parent, friend, or teacher pointed you in the right direction.

Construction is a uniquely large market sector that encompasses people of varying backgrounds, demographics, education, skills, and people with different reasons for waking up every morning.

Promote Construction and Technology in Your Area

The ACE Mentor Program guides high school students into the realm of architecture, construction, and engineering with the help of industry professionals like us.

Over the course of 15 weeks, students are exposed to the design and construction industry through a variety of events such as office and construction site visits, hands-on learning sessions, and by completing their own project with the guidance of a mentor who is a professional in the industry. You can learn more about ACE (which is an acronym for architecture, construction, and engineering) by checking out their website.

We’ve all heard of the labor shortage in construction. But, did you know that just 3% of “young” people were interested in a career in construction? With the large number of baby boomers retiring, this low level of interest among 18-25 year-olds could leave the industry at a standstill.

How Do I Get Involved?

One of the top questions we get when talking about the ACE Mentor Program revolves around what available opportunities there are to help get students interested in the industry. The team at Building Solutions is committed to introducing younger generations to the construction industry, so we’ve compiled a list of the ways our friends, co-workers, employees, executives, and contractors help the program. There is an affiliate in nearly every part of the country, so we encourage you to reach out and see which opportunities your region participates in.

20 Ways to Get Involved with ACE

ACE has 70 affiliates in 37 states, and over 3,600 volunteers who engage with over 9,000 students. Visit the ACE website to see how you can help your local ACE affiliate. 

Learn More About Becoming Involved with ACE

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