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Balance the Four Fs (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness) with Work To Enjoy The Ride Of Your Life

I’ve worked in the construction industry my entire career. As anyone who works in this industry knows, it can be hectic and at times downright stressful.

On a daily basis, we’re faced with design challenges, installation deadlines, weather delays, construction scheduling challenges, labor shortages, and material price changes just to name a few factors which contribute to the unpredictable environment. And, as new technologies in design and manufacturing emerge and building techniques such as prefabrication become more prevalent, we’re expected to do things faster than ever.

Work is a huge part of our lives, so how can we balance that with other aspects to create a truly fulfilling life? How can we remember to slow things down and focus on what’s really important?

A lifelong friend of mine just recently gave me a book to read called Enjoy the Ride by Steve Gilliland. He told me it reminded him of me and how my glass is always half full, not half empty.

It’s a great book that illustrates how important it is to enjoy the moments – whether they’re in our personal or professional lives – as we travel through life to achieve our goals.

I want to share some of this book's lessons with you. I think if you can balance your family, friends, fitness, and faith with work you will enjoy the ride of your life.

Cherish Your Family

Where would I be without family? It is through them I have the strength and will to do the things I do. We are always there for each other, no matter how chaotic work and life gets. My wife and our son are the core of my life. We are also blessed to have my parents who have been married for 63 years and my mother-in-law.

The foundation of a family is often a person’s parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins – but families can take many shapes. The key component to any family is that you know that even when you have differences, you can always count on them to be there.

Families can be spread out across the country these days, but technology makes it easy to talk and even see one another on a regular basis, allowing people to stay close and connected.

Enjoy Your Friends

Friends are the family you choose. They fill in the gaps to make that family complete. My friends are an intimate part of me and have made me who I am today. I have always kept in touch and never burned a bridge.

Even before there was Facebook (and Facebook is no substitute for friends!), I have always had my network of friends. We relate with each other through conversation and get together for outings and trips.

The changing combination of my friends is an ongoing evolution of my life. I enjoy catching up with long-time friends and creating new friendships over the years.

Don't Forget About Fitness

Through fitness we are able to live in better health and have more years to enjoy our family, friends, faith, and work. Growing up, we were taught that if you exercise on a regular basis, every day will be a great day.

Fitness was instilled in me at a young age, but the journey has not always been easy. There have been times in my life when it was not a priority, because I was overly busy with work or family. But when I start out my day with exercise, I have more energy to complete the tasks at hand, and it has led to a happier life.

Embrace Your Faith

Faith is a very personal part of anyone’s life, and it can be an important component to balance. My faith has helped me through rough times and sustained me in good times. It has enhanced the other areas of my life by providing support and guidance through many situations.

Strike a Balance with Work

So often, we hear the term “work-life balance,” but in reality, these things are all simply parts of our lives and who we are. My career is a big part of who I am, and so are the other aspects of my life outside of work. Rather than separating them, I recognize these are both integral parts of my life. I use them to strengthen each other.

My work is so interconnected with my life, and these relationships are so intertwined that my coworkers and clients are my friends and my extended family. Many of them know my immediate family and vice versa, and this has brought us closer together.

Most of my clients have common interests. Our relationships are stronger because they are based on trust, friendship, and both of us being successful.

One of my longest relationships is with a local contractor. We have known each other for over 29 years. I consider him to be a lifelong friend and part of my family. We have been there for each other, helped each other succeed in business and supported our families as they grew up together. Even as change orders and tight deadlines brought stress into our lives, the solid relationship we built has helped get us through those challenges.

By leading an active lifestyle, I have also been able to deepen many of my relationships. For several years, one of my clients tried to get me to participate in the ADA Tour de Cure two-day bike ride. Their persistence paid off – eventually, I committed, and we have been doing this annual event now for more than eight years. We have created the Adams/Brodie/Building Solutions cycling team and encourage our families, friends and customers to participate. It is wonderful way to give back to and build relationships within the community.

Building Relationships

If you've learned anything about me in this post, it's that building relationships is at the center of my life. It's how I live, play and work – and this is what Building Solutions is all about. We build relationships to help build for the future.

It helps to have "a guy on the inside". By collaborating early on with a solutions company, you'll gain access to a wide range of solutions with just one point of contact, which helps keep projects on schedule and on budget.

The first step in building any relationship is an introduction. Schedule a consultation today; tell us about yourself, your company and what you're building. We look forward to getting to know you and talking about what we can build together.

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