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Construction Safety Tips: Blasting Operations [Video]

Frick & Frack are wrapping up their year-long series "The 11 Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination" with this month's safety video, Blasting Operations. 

There are dangers involved with all blasting operations, so you must take very specific safety measures when working with mine sites. Learn more and enjoy this informative video from Frick & Frack. Have a blast!

Important Blasting Safety Procedures

Watching a big blast sure is explosive fun, but working around them is no joke. Frick & Frack cover a few of the required safety measures that you need to know.

  1. There must be a documented blasting safety policy in place for all blasting operations.
  2. Each employee on the site should be properly trained, or even certified in some states.
  3. Proper planning and design of each blast is essential for the safety of people and property. 
  4. Make sure to have proper signage and audible alerts.
  5. A competent person must do inspections both before and after the blast.
  6. Blasting agents and explosives must be properly secured, stored, and accounted for.


More From Frick & Frack

Thanks for joining us this year! In 2018, Frick & Frack will be back with more safety videos about . . . well, they haven't decided yet. But it'll be good. 

In the meantime, check out past episodes right here and stay up to date with all of our safety information! 

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