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Building Solutions Construction Data and Trends Vol 94, October 12, 2018

Every two weeks, we prepare a report focused on understanding market intelligence and analyzing construction industry data and trends.

This in-depth report is developed primarily for internal distribution, but because we want to keep construction professionals like you informed about the industry, we make this report available to anyone who's interested in reading it.

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What's New In This Report?


Oldcastle Business Solutions Data and Trends Report

In September 2018, construction final demand prices and construction industry goods saw a growth of 3.4% and 7.4%, respectively, from its year-ago value.

CPI-U, which measures inflation, increased by 0.1% in September 2018, after rising to 0.2% in August 2018.


Construction Update

Construction Update

The annualized value of Construction Put-in-Place was $1.32T in August 2018, 6.5% above its year-ago activity.

The Dodge Momentum Index (DMI) reached 159.5 in September 2018, 2.6% below revised August score of 163.7 and 38% above its year-ago score.


Economic Update

Economic Update

In September 2018, the unemployment rate decreased to 3.7% after adding 134K jobs, with 23K added in the Construction Industry.

46 of 51 large MSAs (1M+ population) showed year-over-year unemployment rate decreases in August 2018 with Ames, IA showing the lowest unemployment of 1.7%.

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