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Construction Safety Tips: Confined Space Entry [Video]

The fifth installment of Frick & Frack's Fundamental for Fatality Elimination focuses on confined spaces entry.

Enter with Caution

According to OSHA, confined spaces are those that are not designed for people. Still they're big enough people may have to enter them to do a job from time to time. Permit-required confined spaces often include hazards such as converging walls, engulfments or the ability to build up a hazardous atmosphere.

Unfortunately, human drive to get the job done can lead to rushing headlong into a dangerous situation. Each year, 92 people die in a confined space.

Preparation is Key

You can't always avoid entering a confined space on the job. The key to ensuring everyone's safety is planning and preparation.

  • Closely follow the permitting process
  • Perform air testing
  • Always have an authorized attendant present
  • Plan and practice rescue procedures ahead of time


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