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Construction Safety: Mobile Equipment

Welcome to Frick & Frack's fourth episode of the Construction Safety Blog for 2018! 

In our last episode, they taught us the ABCs of traffic control and reducing the fatality rate in work zones. 

In this new episode, Frick & Frack are on-site with Evans Construction, A CRH Company, located in Wyoming, talking about their highly effective mobile equipment safety policies.

Find out the Keys to an Effective Mobile Equipment Safety Plan

In this comprehensive mobile equipment safety video, you'll learn about effective mobile equipment safety plans that help prevent pedestrian and vehicle accidents. 

  1. Key components of a mobile safety plan for drivers and pedestrians (4:12)
  2. Equipment features that help protect workers and pedestrians (7:53)
  3. Why a thorough safety training program is so important (9:23)
  4. Helpful questions to ask yourself about your own work site (11:04)


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Frick & Frack will be back throughout the year with more valuable construction safety videos.

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