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Construction Safety Tips: Risk Assessment [Video]

Frick & Frack return with their next series of safety video blogs. Over the next 11 months learn about the 11 Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination, and have fun doing it!

The 11 Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination are 11 basic principles (or fundamentals) for companies to use to prevent serious injuries or fatalities from occurring. The first factor Frick & Frack are going to talk about is risk assessment. Frick explains what risk assessment is while Frack tells us why Frick's garage is the ideal place to learn about the topic.

The Stages of Risk Assessment

The first stage of risk assessment is to identify the hazard. This is followed up with evaluating the risk that hazard poses. When evaluating the risk a hazard poses, there are 3 parts:

  1. Frequency: How often you are exposed to a hazard while doing a task
  2. Likelihood: The probability that an incident will occur while doing a task
  3. Severity: How serious might the injury be if an accident DID occur 


Well, as always that was fun AND educational! Tune in next month when we talk about mobile plant safety. Be sure to subscribe to our Safety Video Blog email notification list so you don’t miss it!

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