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Construction Safety: Work Zone Safety

Welcome to Frick & Frack's third episode of the Construction Safety Blog for 2018! 

In our last episode, our silly safety experts gave us in-depth insight on Fall Protection, which is extremely valuable information as falls are the leading cause of injury in the construction industry.

In this new episode, Frick & Frack are on-site with the Shelly Company, A CRH Company, in central Ohio, discussing work zone safety.

Learn the ABCs and Best Practices of Work Zone Safety

In this in-depth construction safety video, you'll learn about the ABCs of traffic control in work zones, how following these tips can help reduce the high fatality rate of work zone accidents, and much more:

  • Proper flagging techniques (2:27)
  • How to give drivers advanced warning with quality signs and rumble strips (4:55)
  • Maintaining visibility and control with proper flagging techniques and cones (5:30)
  • Why work zone safety is so important (6:35)
  • Best practices for training employees who work in work zones (7:35)
  • How the best practices differ in various work conditions such as multi-lane roads (9:38)
  • Benefits of the AWARE technology (12:55)


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Frick & Frack will be back throughout the year with more valuable construction safety videos.

In the meantime, check out past episodes right here and stay up to date with all of our safety information

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