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Help keep 'Industry Insights' blog on top

Our blog, Industry Insights, is a nominee for Construction Marketing Ideas' Best Construction Blog award.

We’re humbled to be one of 26 blogs up for consideration as the best construction-industry resource on the web. This nomination wouldn’t have happened without users like you who come to us for innovative building solutions, construction safety tips, industry trends, and forecasts.

"A Truly Impressive Blog"

Construction Marketing Ideas called our blog a "powerful and comprehensive resource" and a "truly impressive blog, worthy of bookmarking." You can help us stay current and at the forefront of AEC industry trends by voting for us as the 2017 Best Construction Blog.

"When I first viewed the Building Solutions blog, I thought: 'This looks like one that would be published by a professional media company/publisher.' In fact, Building Solutions is a building materials supplier, with nearly 2,000 locations in North America."

- Mark Buckshon, President of the Construction News and Report Group of Companies

Besides popular vote and input from blog readers like you, judges will consider design, content and blog effectiveness. We'd love to have a strong showing and help spread the word about our efforts to provide quality news and information on the construction industry.

Read the review of our blog here, and please vote! 

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