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Helping Architects Maximize Project Goals: 6 Benefits of Early Involvement

Early involvement in the manufacturing process continues to become more and more critical for the construction industry.  

As my colleagues, Glenn Northey and Doug Archibald have stated, everyone from developers to general contractors can benefit from engaging with product manufacturers.  In this Blog, I would like to discuss what architects stand to gain from working with a manufacturer, early in the design process for your construction project. 

As our portfolio of products continues to expand, the benefits for architects continues to grow as well. Working with a company that has a wide-ranging breadth of products also opens up greater possibilities for a project’s scope. With a vast variety of products available including precast concrete, masonry, asphalt, concrete accessories, and glazing systems, the possibilities are endless.

As a global leader known for bringing building materials together to help solve challenges that come with designing complex projects, CRH's Building Solutions team is here to help. 

Next, I would like to share how they help and some of the key benefits:

1. Assist with finding the right products that meets design intent, performance, and helps with budgetary goals.

No one knows our products better than the CRH employees that make them!  Our expert manufacturing representatives can bring value to the design of a project through selecting the right product to meet budget, scheduling demands, thermal or structural performance, and overall aesthetics and appearance for the vision of the project.  It starts with getting our experts involved early!


2. Comparing different materials that help achieve constructability goals.

Constructability is always a concern! Working with our manufacturing representatives can help you find the best products for your project that also work well and complement other materials.  For example, we frequently come across designs that are aesthetic masterpieces but may not meet the budget.  By understanding the design intent, we can work to offer products or systems that can help manage high labor costs and expedite product installation.

3. Understanding local markets to reduce risk for designers and customers alike.

Use products and brands that you trust!  Understanding where the product comes from and who is installing it can help eliminate risk. Every market is a little bit different and varies for a variety of reasons from color preferences to local codes and regulations.  Partnering with a company like CRH, who makes materials all over the US and the world, we can answer questions you may have related to the products that we manufacture.

4. Ability to discuss lead times and availability.

There is nothing worse than a material delay! Our experience and extensive knowledge allow us to provide accurate lead times and availability of materials you select.  We also work with customers to make sure orders are being placed in a timely fashion to keep projects on schedule.glass-glazing

5. Assistance with specifications and details.

Having access to our technical experts can help you figure out complex details and specify the correct material.  Additionally, working with our experts early can add cost certainty to the project by developing the most cost-effective details that meet the overall design intent. Also, if we don’t make the product you are searching for, we can connect you with other trusted building material partners. We want to be a resource as well as your trusted brand. Feel free to ask us anything, we are here to help!

6. Safeguard your vision from start to finish as your single point of contact.

If you engage with us early in the design, we can help in making sure that we are meeting your vision expectations while giving you cost implications, availability on product, and working with the entire project team in helping to maintain your vision.  Working with the Building Solutions team means that with just one call we can bring a variety of technical experts to the conversation wherever you are designing.  Save yourself time and effort. No one in the building materials industry has more to offer than CRH!

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