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Add Value to Your Proposal and Win the Project: How Working with a Product Manufacturer Can Separate General Contractors from the Competition

Winning projects as a general contractor has become increasingly challenging. You not only have to acquire in-depth knowledge about the project and the owner’s intentions so you can accurately bid, but you also have to come up with creative solutions that will set you apart.

Whether it’s suggesting means and methods for constructing the project quickly to stay on schedule or incorporating innovative building methods that save money, you have to be strategic about the team and plan you put together. Having partners with a wide breadth of knowledge about construction products and extensive network of relationships can help you land your next project.

How can you differentiate your firm from the competition? The answer is simple: Work with a product supplier.

By working with us before you have the contract in hand, you can separate yourself from the competition, add value to your proposal, and increase your chances of winning that project.

Reduced Schedule

precast-coast-guard-hangarScheduling and costs go hand-in-hand as possibly the most important issues when it comes to bid time. If you can shave a month off the project’s schedule, the owner can open for business earlier or begin leasing sooner which means money will exchange hands quicker. We have first-hand knowledge about the production process and how to manage lead times, material availability, the bandwidth of regional plants, and the speed of fabrication. Most importantly, we are always watching for demand constraints that could rear their ugly heads during construction.

Additionally, we know how certain production methods, such as prefabrication, can reduce onsite construction time and reduce the construction schedule. For example, precast concrete can be used as an alternative to cast-in-place systems for buildings, infrastructure, and sitework and can save days or even weeks on the schedule.

Logistical Support

Logistical coordination, especially on infrastructure projects, can be daunting. Whether there is a tight right-of-way, products with oversized dimensions, load restrictions, public disruptions, or safety concerns, we can help you develop a plan to simplify and preempt any issues. For example, as a supplier, we can:

  • Incorporate new and improved safety systems into the products to help tradesmen install a product more safely
  • Coordinate consistent material delivery that minimizes impact to the public
  • Utilize additional branches and/or plants for product procurement
  • Introduce the project team to minority subcontractors
  • Offer prefabricated products that can reduce the number of trades on a project site
  • Custom engineer a product to be delivered in segments to avoid issues with dimensions or load restrictions

Creative Design Assistance

A manufacturer’s representative has the most current knowledge of what is or is not possible regarding a product. We can propose engineering alternatives and help determine the feasibility of a project, and you can discuss specific product designs that meet certain specifications from the get-go.

Sometimes it takes a unique perspective to see what truly is possible. A product manufacturer knows what the latest innovative trends are, and with any luck, you might be able to benefit from any R&D the supplier may be privy to.

Amazon Fullfilment Center SquareAdditionally, suppliers like us can help you create a solution that might help you get ahead of schedule or your cost come in under your competitor’s. For instance, when contractors went to bid on the sitework at an Amazon fulfillment center in Salt Lake City, Layton Construction was already working with CRH companies Staker Parson and Reynolds Excavation to come up with a unique solution. We utilized our network of regional businesses to bring in trucks and equipment from outside the project area – something that no other project team was able to do. By doing so, the sitework portion of the project was finished in under 1/3 the time competitors had estimated.

Lower Costs

A product supplier and manufacturer can supply budgetary pricing and value engineering ideas that can improve efficiency and decrease costs. Additionally, we have first-hand knowledge about material costs and pricing expectations.

For instance, by using a precast concrete structure or a prefabricated building system, the project can benefit from labor savings, weather-independent fabrication, reduced construction site disruption, and reduced procurement risks.

Extensive Network

Whether the project is in your local community or in another state, you’ll need a trustworthy team to get the job done. We have an extensive network of relationships – including reliable subcontractors – who know how to install our products.

Our wide footprint with employees in hundreds of cities across North America means that if you are new to a geography, chances are we know the local subcontractors and the market to help you get started.

Having a vast network of relationships can help get the team in place long before bid time. This can save you a month or more in finding the right contractors for the job.

"Having the relationship and having them at the table with us from the beginning - even before the job's been awarded - has been extremely beneficial for us,"

Jonathan Gardner, Gardner Batt

Start the Conversation Early

Involving a product supplier or manufacturer as early as possible has many benefits and can help add value to your proposal. If you have a project you’d like assistance on – from design help to product selection to logistics support – don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our construction experts at CRH.

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