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Interview with Chief Economist Alex Carrick: High-Tech Effect on Construction

I’ve had the pleasure of discussing the United States economy and what to expect for the U.S. construction industry with Chief Economist Alex Carrick. Our conversation also covered a trend that is transforming the construction industry: high tech.

Alex, who is Chief Economist covering North America for ConstructConnect and CanaData, believes high (cutting edge or advanced) technology is one of the factors causing construction investments to lag behind overall economic growth.

Online Shoppers, the Fifth Buyer-1.pngAn example of this is how owners and investors today have different options when contemplating building square footage. We see this most clearly in retail with the dilemma between brick-and-mortar stores and the growing number of online retailers.

A high-tech issue such as this presents itself in several other aspects of our daily lives. As Alex puts it, “There's hardly anything that you can think about where there isn't a high-tech alternative,” and he does a great job explaining this in the video in detail.

Watch the interview to learn how high-tech is impacting the construction industry and hear Alex's ideas to help building materials manufacturers stay on the forefront of this trend. You can’t miss this week’s video!

Watch the Interview

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