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Construction Safety Tips: Lifting Operations [Video]

Frick & Frack's Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination continues with lifting operations.

Lifting Operation Fatalities

No matter what type of construction you're doing, odds are you'll be doing some lifting operations. Lifting operations can refer to any piece of equipment that can lift a load off the ground.

In the U.S., we average about 22 crane-related deaths every year. But in the grand scope of lifting operations - loaders, forklifts, ropes, slings, and more - we're talking about way more injuries and nearly fatal incidents that can be avoided with proper planning and training.

Even small lifting accidents can be fatal if a job site doesn't follow proper procedures.

The Biggest Lifting Problems

The top three focus points for lifting operations are electrical hazards, overloading cranes, and unsecured loads.

  • Electrical hazards - Always have a trained supervisor audit the site, and mark a 10 foot radius around the crane.
  • Overloading cranes - Instead of relying on instinct or experience, properly calculate lifting capacities to avoid overturning an operation.
  • Unsecured loads - All loads need to be secured by trained personnel, and stay clear of a potential drop zone during the operation.

For more on lifting operation safety, and what could go wrong, check out the new video:

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