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Construction Safety Tips: Machine Guarding [Video]

The fourth installment of Frick & Frack's Fundamental for Fatality Elimination focuses on machine guarding

The Importance of Machine Guarding

Best Construction Blog winners Frick & Frack!After taking a reserved moment to hear which team won Construction Marketing Ideas' Best Construction Blog for 2017, our humble heroes get down to business on the importance of proper guarding.

You need to respect safety guards on your job site or in your workspace. If you're complacent about guarding, as the boys say, "You're gonna end up on the losing side."

Proper machine guarding is essential to any good quality safety program. Every year, one of both OSHA and MSHA's most commonly cited violations is inadequate machine guarding.

Frick & Frack stress the importance of regularly checking and inspecting guarding, particularly at the point of hazard (where the employee is working next to moving machinery). Watch the latest video to learn the gritty details on how vital it is to guard people from moving parts:


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Did you watch last month's Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination video? Make sure you're familiar with the concept of Isolation of Operating Machinery.

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