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Construction Safety Tips: Conveyance and Storage of Materials Under Pressure [Video]

All right, stop. Collaborate and listen: Frick & Frack are back with a whole new edition... of their Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination series. They'll tell you everything you need to know about Fundamental #10: Conveyance and Storage of Materials Under Pressure.

Maintaining Safety 

Pressurized materials are very common in many industrial settings and you are likely familiar with these systems. When working with pressurized materials, there are some basic safety measures that must be followed:

  1. Personnel working with pressurized systems must be trained and competent.
  2. Conduct regular inspections.
  3. Perform maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendation.
  4. All pressurized systems must be equipped with a functioning pressure relief system.

Pressurized Systems are Often Abused

In this video, Frick & Frack take you through several examples of pressurized materials being stored or transferred unsafely. 

Not sure if you're working with pressurized materials correctly? No pressure. Frick & Frack will fill you in. Take note and make sure you are not making any of these dangerous mistakes on your worksite. 

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Thanks for joining us again this month! Frick & Frack will be back in December with a new safety video. 

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