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Permeable Concrete Absorbs 4,000 Liters of Water in 60 Seconds

The construction industry sometimes gets a bad rap. Stereotyped for being inefficient, slow to adapt, and having an old school mentality, the industry deserves credit when it produces true innovation. For that reason we’re celebrating a construction material that is taking the internet by storm.

It’s called Topmix Permeable.
Here are just a few mentions:


The Joys of Innovative Construction Materials

With over 70 million views, it’s safe to say the public recognizes how amazing this product and it’s potential applications are. Consider the solutions a product like this creates:

  • Eliminating the dangers of standing water on sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots
  • Surface contaminants are no longer running off the pavement into waterways - instead they are filtered through the porous concrete
  • Reduction in the overall maintenance cost

But what about some of the questions or concerns surrounding this product?

Addressing The Concerns

The primary concern is freezing temperatures. And second, if the concrete is filtering out contaminants, what happens when the porous concrete becomes clogged. Well, it seems the innovators at Tarmac considered and addressed both those concerns.

Filtering Without Clogging

This product has a permeability rate of 36,000mm/hr. Now, the required permeability rate to deal with 100-year storm event (highly unlikely) would be 300mm/hr. That means Topmix Permeable filters water 120x faster than the minimum required level. Basically, this product could be 95% clogged and still meet the minimum requirement.

Beating The Freeze

The biggest concern surrounding this product is it’s ability to function in freezing weather. However, it is composed of two layers - a structural and hydraulic. The hydraulic layercontains aggregate and voids that allow for water to expand and not threaten the structural integrity of the concrete.

Overall, this is a pretty amazing product that not only solves the challenges other surfaces have long fell victim to, but it’s also helping to redefine some of the “archaic” perceptions that are too often applied to the construction industry.

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