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Construction Safety Tips: Personal Protective Equipment [Video]

Catch up with Frick & Frack's Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination series as they discuss Fundamental #9: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

100 Years of PPE

Most people recognize the hard hat as the symbol of safety. However, PPE hasn't always been an industry standard. Since PPE first came to market during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, PPE has continued to remain an important industry safety fundamental. 

The Backbone of Safety

Quality PPE programs backed up by hazard assessments prevent serious injuries and fatalities. However, to prevent injuries or fatalities, don't start with PPE; it's the final safety precaution to take after engineering and administrative controls. 

If you are looking to improve or develop a PPE program, it should be based on hazard assessments of the task, the job site, or the facility. 

Frick & Frack are here to fill you in on the history and importance of PPE:

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Thanks for joining us again this month! Frick & Frack will be back next time to talk about Fundamental #10, the Conveyance and Storage of Materials Under Pressure.

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