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The New BuildingSolutions.com Puts the Focus On Your Construction Needs

We've been around the construction industry long enough to know it’s who you know that gets the job done. From the person you shake hands with to the person you call on the phone, relationships move jobs forward. That’s why we focus on developing relationships with people in the industry like you.

And because of our focus on influencers like you, we are excited to announce we recently updated our buildingsolutions.com website with the goal of providing an experience that is tailored just for you.

Through a combination of customer feedback and website data analysis, it was clear we needed to make the site easier to navigate and more centered on our users. I’ll be the first to admit our old site talked a lot about us, and not enough about you. After much analysis, we identified three main priorities:

1) Provide a More Personalized Experience for You

Whether you’re an owner, architect, general contractor, or subcontractor, there are countless tasks that you do to make a construction project successful. From the initial project vision, all the way through to the ribbon cutting and ongoing maintenance, we understand your challenges.

We hope our new solutions pages, and our content that is tailored for you, reflect this and show you how we can help make your job easier.

2) Make It Easier to Find What We Make, Where We Make It, and How You Can Get It

We have thousands of locations across the country, and we know how hard it can be to find exactly what you need. That’s why we updated the CRH location guide, making it easier to search for locations, filtered by the products you need.

With our focus on connections and relationships, we also created the Find an Expert page to make it easier for you to reach out to a person directly to discuss your project or needs that go beyond a single product.

3) Create a Single Spot for Our Industry Insights and Educational Content

There are many factors that influence the construction industry both positively and negatively. These trends are what drive your costs and labor and weigh heavily on the viability of future projects so it’s critical that you stay on top of them.

Our new design puts education front and center, pulling together our award-winning blog, resources, and a newly-created Construction Market Intelligence page. The market intelligence section provides a home for our most popular content – the Construction Data and Trends reports, forecasts and outlooks, and more.

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