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Today’s Construction Process: An Imperfect System

The world of construction is very intriguing when you consider how projects come together and are completed. It reminds me of how a movie is made: a team of people with different skill sets come together to create and finish a project. Once it has been completed, the entire team has a big celebration, then moves on to find their next role in the industry.

Construction is very similar!

Project Challenges in Construction

During my years of experience in the construction industry, I have had the honor to work with developers, architects, engineers, general contractors (GCs), and sub-contractors. I frequently hear the same stories from them all: schedule delays, misalignment of materials, product installation issues, project overruns, and process inefficiencies.

While there are other issues that occur during the construction process, these same issues keep coming up. We have seen advancements in technology that have helped, but there still seem to be a lot of issues that occur and areas that can be streamlined or enhanced to improve our world to build better projects. This is the system we have been led to believe is the standard, but we don't believe inefficiency has to be the standard.

The Problem in the Construction Process

The one thing that I notice missing in the construction process is early product manufacturer engagement.

Would you produce a movie without a set or costumes? Of course not, so why would you start a construction project without considering the products that will ultimately be used throughout? The manufacturer can play a key role on your team. Who better to give ideas and feedback on different products that could ultimately help the process be smoother? Nobody knows these products better than the ones who are manufacturing them. 

This simple change can lead to more accurate cost estimates, lead times, and constructibility.

Involve the Manufacturer

We are all looking at how to make this process better so we can build smarter and eliminate unnecessary issues that keep popping up over the course of a project.

The most effective way to reducing the number of these issues is to ensure all parties involved have a seat at the table during the planning process. Embracing this concept of early manufacturer involvement can help you select critical components of the project by engaging manufacturing leaders.

Start your next construction project right by involving the manufacturer. Bringing the manufacturer to the table early in the process costs you nothing. Not having key product information when it's needed most can certainly mean the difference between a smooth, profitable project and one rife with unnecessary expenses and delays.

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