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Industry Insights

Every project presents unique challenges that call for specific solutions. We're here to provide innovative building solutions, project ideas, product information, in-depth industry analysis and insight where to find the right building materials.

February 19, 2018 What’s next? Another look into Olympic Construction The Olympics are upon us once again! Two years ago after the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I reflected on why there were ...Keep Reading
By Brett Chottiner
December 5, 2017 What to Expect for Construction Costs in 2018 Earlier this year, we gave an industry consensus of the cost of materials and looked at the pace of growth for architectural and engineering services, labor, ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
June 21, 2017 Producer Price Index and Construction Costs, June 2017 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) just released the May 2017 numbers for their Producer Price Index (PPI). Once again, the Associated General Contractors of ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
March 14, 2017 U.S. Is Struggling for a Passing Grade in Infrastructure After four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has released their new 2017 Infrastructure Report Card for the United States. Similar to their ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
September 30, 2016 VE: The Dirty Letters of the Construction Industry While value engineering (VE) in construction is meant to provide more value to an owner by either improving the function of building materials or reducing ...Keep Reading
By Antonio Rezic
September 27, 2016 First Look at Construction Costs in 2017 Construction cost is always top of mind to builders, developers and owners, so we wanted to take a quick look at it today in our blog! We look at current and ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
September 12, 2016 A Construction Industry First Look At "Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act" In early December, 2015, mere days before transportation spending was set to expire, the House voted 359 to 65 and the Senate voted 83 to 16 to provide $305 ...Keep Reading
By Craig Kennedy
August 4, 2016 13 Tips For Accurate Construction Project Estimates Getting an accurate project estimate can feel like the toughest challenge in the construction process--and that's before you even get started. Estimate too ...Keep Reading
By Oldcastle Building Solutions
September 23, 2015 Are Building Supplies Change Orders Sending Your Project Over Budget? In the general contracting industry, you may know to expect the unexpected when it comes to delays in bringing a project to close. Yet, do you really stop to ...Keep Reading
By Oldcastle Building Solutions
February 20, 2015 Identifying and Managing Avoidable Costs During a Project Bringing a job in on budget is a challenge for every contractor and owner/builder. Few projects cost less than expected and lack of attention to detail will ...Keep Reading
By Oldcastle Building Solutions

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