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Industry Insights

Every project presents unique challenges that call for specific solutions. We're here to provide innovative building solutions, project ideas, product information, in-depth industry analysis and insight where to find the right building materials.

September 12, 2016 A Construction Industry First Look At "Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act" In early December, 2015, mere days before transportation spending was set to expire, the House voted 359 to 65 and the Senate voted 83 to 16 to provide $305 ...Keep Reading
By Craig Kennedy
August 25, 2016 No Medals Awarded for Olympic Construction As the closing ceremony for the Summer Olympics unfolded, I reflected on how much fun it was watching the United States compete in a variety of different ...Keep Reading
By Brett Chottiner
July 8, 2016 How Emergency Power Minimizes Impact of Major Power Outages Imagine the last time the power went out in your office. If you’re in a typical office building, I’ll bet work came to a halt and everyone stood around, ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions
May 18, 2016 How Precast Substation Walls INCREASE Power Grid Security It’s hard to overstate the importance of power grid safety. According to a study by USA Today, there were 348 physical attacks on electric utilities between ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions
April 12, 2016 North Torrey Pines Road Bridge — Design Winning Precast Construction Oldcastle Infrastructure, A CRH Company and a leading provider of precast concrete engineered product solutions in the U.S., has been recognized in the 53rd ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions
August 6, 2015 CEO John Kemp on the air with Dana Barrett The president of Building Solutions, a CRH company, had the opportunity to sit down on the Dana Barrett show to discuss the construction industry and how it ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions
March 23, 2015 Reinforced Concrete Pipe vs. Plastic Pipe Reinforced concrete or plastic pipe–it seems like a simple question, but in fact is not. The two materials have proponents and detractors in approximately ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions

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