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Industry Insights

Every project presents unique challenges that call for specific solutions. We're here to provide innovative building solutions, project ideas, product information, in-depth industry analysis and insight where to find the right building materials.

January 30, 2018 Two Challenges, Three Outcomes, One Solution: Where Do You Fit In? The two biggest challenges facing the construction industry in the United States today are: The shrinking population as the Baby Boomer generation continues to ...Keep Reading
By Chuck Rotondo
January 11, 2018 Skilled Worker Shortage: Programs That Are Making a Difference The construction industry is in the midst of a skilled workers shortage across all lines of work. It affects design and construction professionals along with ...Keep Reading
By Frank Werner
March 27, 2017 Growth in Employment Lags Behind Construction Put-In-Place Value In the spring of 2016, there was some concern around construction employment because there had been a few months of job declines. As the year progressed, that ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
January 4, 2017 The Fed Raises Interest Rates, Signaling the U.S. Economy is Strong Last month, the Federal Reserve voted unanimously to raise the interest rate to 0.75%. It was the first rate increase since December 2015, and this time around ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
June 21, 2016 Should We Be Worried About Dropping Construction Employment Numbers? The past two months in construction employment numbers, according to the BLS May 2016 Employment Situation have shown a slight dip and have gotten a few folks ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
May 5, 2016 Finding balance as a mom, and a professional in the construction industry In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to give this month’s blog post a bit of a twist. Instead of focusing on the economy and what is happening in the ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
July 7, 2015 AIA Insider: A Sit-Down With Chief Economist Kermit Baker As many of you know, the AIA show was held last month in Atlanta, GA, where Oldcastle’s headquarters are located.The show, which had over 7,000 attendees, was ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante

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