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Industry Insights

Every project presents unique challenges that call for specific solutions. We're here to provide innovative building solutions, project ideas, product information, in-depth industry analysis and insight where to find the right building materials.

May 2, 2018 The Future of 3D Printing in Construction It’s no secret that technology is transforming our lives on a daily basis. Over the last century, air travel, the combustion engine, electric induction motors, ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions
April 3, 2018 Advantages of Pre-Fabricated Products Builders and developers are looking for ways to deliver projects on time, under budget, and more efficiently, and that’s why pre-fabrication is continuing to ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions
January 17, 2018 Delivering Comfort with Building Science You don’t have to have an engineering degree and you don’t need to be a PhD to want to improve your living conditions. In fact, we all do something to improve ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions
January 9, 2018 It's Not Just Who You Know, But What Value You Bring Long-term relationships are forested. You can know someone for 50 years – see them at a project site, work event, or seminar – and never need to call on them ...Keep Reading
By Antonio Rezic
May 17, 2017 How the Evolution of Transportation Will Impact Infrastructure I had lunch with my 91-year-old father today. He drove himself to the restaurant, but is nearing the point where he will no longer be able to drive. He asked ...Keep Reading
By Glenn Northey
April 27, 2017 Interview with Chief Economist Alex Carrick: High-Tech Effect on Construction I’ve had the pleasure of discussing the United States economy and what to expect for the U.S. construction industry with Chief Economist Alex Carrick. Our ...Keep Reading
By Carolina Cavalcante
January 13, 2017 A Changing World Calls for Changing the Way We Design & Build It's the end of the world as we know it -- that's easy to say in a world that is changing at such a rapid pace. In fact, the world is changing faster than any ...Keep Reading
By Glenn Northey
September 23, 2015 Is 3D Printing Buildings the Way of the Future? Boasting faster construction, low costs and the ability to decrease construction waste while using recycled materials, using 3D printers to construct buildings ...Keep Reading
By Building Solutions

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