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Use Bathroom Pods to Meet Housing and Hotel Construction Deadlines

If you're staring down the deadline of a large project, like a college's student housing construction or the building of a new hotel, anything you can do to save time is tempting.

The trick is finding ways to stay on schedule (or catch up!) without compromising work quality.

For the contractor daunted by summer build deadlines, modular products such as Oldcastle SurePods™ can seem like a miracle. Our bathroom pods allow you to cut huge chunks of time (100 labor hours per bathroom) from the build schedule, with a guarantee of the highest quality final product.

What is a Bathroom Pod?

Oldcastle SurePods™, a CRH brand, are prefabricated bathrooms that are custom designed for the build you're working on. These bathroom pods replace the traditional piece-by-piece onsite assembly of bathrooms.

Using SurePods™ is proven to save both time and money on hotel construction and multi-unit development projects. Instead of trying to coordinate and schedule several different trade workers in the small spaces that will become bathrooms, these pods arrive to the hotel or student housing construction site ready for installation.

See how SurePods™ helped this Marriott Hotel build finish two months early.

Plus, choosing SurePods™ promotes construction site safety by avoiding worker congestion and letting your team move through the build schedule with confidence. Each of our bathroom pods cuts about 100 man hours from the site (that's 10,000 hours on a project with 100 bathrooms), with clients saying that the pods saved them 8 weeks during prime construction months.

SurePods bathroom interior

Why Should You Use SurePods™?

Having your bathrooms built to your exact specifications is pretty cool on its own. But having it happen offsite before it's dropped off ready for installation is a game changer.

You get a safer jobsite, less worker traffic, and less waste while you save on time and insurance costs. When you're scratching your head about how to meet a deadline, or hoping to get the most out of your summer, the bathroom pods are a solution that can easily reduce your construction schedule by several months.

Not sure? Take a look:

By fabricating the bathrooms in our enclosed weather protected factory using computer generated 3D models, Building Solutinos can guarantee a better quality product delivered and installed right into your project.

We know you're on tight summer deadlines, and SurePods™ can help. Especially if you're doing hotel construction and need to open on time to get heads in beds, or your student housing construction project needs to be ready for back-to-school dates, the bathroom pods will speed the process.

And, SurePods™ gives you that benefit of time without sacrificing construction site safety when rushed workers cut corners.

Learn more about getting Oldcastle SurePods™ for your project:

Learn more about SurePods

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