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Construction Safety Tips: Underground and Overhead Utility Dangers [Video]

Frick & Frack's Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination series continues with underground and overhead utility dangers.

Dangers of Utility Work  

When power and gas company crews get to work on underground or overhead lines, it's important to mark off where they will be doing work and know the important safety measures to follow. Failing to properly indicate where these utility lines are located could result in injuries or fatalities. 

Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination

For overhead and underground utility work, be sure to assess and document all nearby utility lines and know the important safety points. 

  • A documented risk assessment must be carried out for all underground work and must include sight surveys for utility lines. 
  • A documented risk assesment must be carried out for all lifting operations and for the use of mobile cranes and excavators, taking specific account of overhead utility lines. 
  • Train personnel on how to work around overhead or underground lines, mark them adequately on the ground, and stay at least ten feet away from overhead power lines.

For more on the specifics of maintaining proper safety around utility lines, check out the new video:

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