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EnduraMax High Performance Wall System


Every component of the EnduraMax™ High Performance Wall System is specifically engineered to work together, forming a total cladding solution that adds superior energy performance. The complete system can offer an insulation value of R13.6, factoring in thermal mass (R9.1 steady state). This extra layer of thermal protection means building owners can benefit from a cladding system that helps meet and exceed today’s demanding energy codes. And the EnduraMax System's unique design can cut project installation time by up to 20%.

Enduramax High Performance Wall System


Meeting a Higher Standard

EnduraMax’s continuous insulation barrier is an ideal way to meet Energy Star’s strict energy performance score requirements. Its superior thermal performance will contribute to eligibility for a Designed to Earn the Energy Star (DEES) certification. With the help of EnduraMax, you can truly distinguish a building by being able to meet this prestigious standard for efficiency.

  • Moisture Management
    As a total cladding solution, EnduraMax integrates all components necessary to achieve superior moisture management (based on independent tests). Channels in the front and back drain any water that may infiltrate the wall, protecting the structure from damage over a long lifetime of moisture exposure.
  • Sound Proofing
    The foam panels have an STC rating of 51 (based on independent tests) – meaning even extremely loud sounds such as a stereo, lawn mower or traffic are only faintly heard. This enhanced acoustical comfort means occupants can enjoy their space in peace
  • Wind Rating
    EnduraMax is tough enough to withstand the harshest environments. It’s been proven to resist wind speeds of more than 110 mph (ASTM E330) with no lasting deformation. The heavy EnduraMax system essentially eliminates the risk of costly damage experienced with lighter-weight veneers
  • Fire Resistance
    EnduraMax meets NFPA 285 and ASTM E119 fire resistance criteria. Tested walls successfully withstood one hour of exposure to temperatures of more than 1,700°F.

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