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SurePod Quality Prefab Bathroom Pods



Oldcastle SurePods™ is the leading provider of prefab bathrooms in North America. Using BIM and lean manufacturing technology, Oldcastle SurePods™ works with customers from design through installation to produce custom, ready-to-install bathroom pods for hotels, hospitals, military barracks and multi-unit residential projects.

SurePod Quality Prefab Bathroom PodsSUPERIOR QUALITY BATHROOM PODS

Our business and our focus is building bathrooms therefore, customers benefit from our complete attention to that one room, the bathroom. With 15,000+ bathrooms installed to date, we consistently strive for continuous improvement and work hard to ensure each project benefits from our experience and lessons learned. Two dedicated manufacturing facilities allow us to deliver the superior quality our customers demand. The Oldcastle SurePods™ factory employs lean manufacturing technology, another reason the bathrooms roll off the assembly line superior to those built in the field or in a temporary facility set up adjacent to the project site.

Reasons Oldcastle SurePods™ pods are superior quality bathrooms:
  • Automation of key steps drives dimensional accuracy
  • Quality control at every station including incoming raw material inspection
  • Final 120-point quality assurance inspection including root cause analysis of defects
  • Controlled, well lit work environment
  • Integrated CAD / CAM system drives BIM model straight into production
  • Stable, permanent employees cross-trained in multiple functions

Watch for a chance to see Oldcastle SurePods™ bathroom pods in the factory. Get a glimpse into the manufacturing process and see for yourself the 4s advantage of using Oldcastle SurePods™'s prefabricated bathroom pods.

SurePod Quality Prefab Bathroom PodsSurePod Quality Prefab Bathroom Pods

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