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Solutions for Commercial Projects

Look across the skyline in any major city today, and you may see as many as three dozen cranes actively building. While commercial construction may be experiencing a boom, it is a complex industry with a large number of challenges.

Ultimately, you want to overcome these challenges in the quickest and safest manner so you can open for business.

Whether your project is mixed-use, retail, educational, or for entertainment, CRH has products in 25 CSI divisions and industry experts available that can provide design assistance, help mitigate schedule delays and recommend the right products.

Whether you’re opening an outdoor shopping center or a flagship store, time is money. Projects must stay on schedule to prevent lost revenue from delays. Brands also face the challenge of maintaining and adhering to a uniform aesthetic and incorporating special design features that are used location after location.

However, as land costs continue to rise, developers are looking for more ways to incorporate multiple uses into their projects to maximize revenue. From retail and hospitality to multi-family housing and office space, projects that are walkable, provide a sense of convenience, and cater to residents, tenants, visitors, and patrons alike are on the rise.

Gardner Batt, a developer in the state of Utah, planned to build such a development near the Wasatch Mountains in Lehi, Utah. The one-million square foot mixed-use project called Traverse Mountain includes office space, retail, and hotels. CRH was involved during the early planning process and addressed how the developer could save time and money on their project. CRH provided a variety of products and services, including:

  • traverse-mountain-retail-buildingConstruction sitework, underground utilities, and earthwork
  • Precast drainage structures
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete
  • Envelope and energy analysis
  • Aggregates
  • Masonry, architectural block, and retaining walls
  • Finishes such as acoustical ceilings and fabric wrapped acoustical panels

For retail and mixed-use projects like Traverse Mountain, schedule is often a large concern, and having a manufacturer involved early who has a wide-range of products available can help achieve everyone’s goals. 

Across North America, mixed-use developers and national retail chains such as REIWalmart, Les Schwab Tires, Costco, Ford, Lowe’s, and more benefit by working with CRH because of the wide breadth of products available across North America as well as experts who can get involved from early in the design stage through construction.

Products for Retail and Mixed Use

Whether you’re your retrofitting or developing a new parcel from the ground up, CRH manufactures products for all phases of your project, including:

Branding, aesthetics, and speed are important whether you are opening a restaurant franchise or a local eatery. For example, at some chains, it’s important to have a product supplier that can match the color of masonry, repeatable budget, and fast schedule time-and-time again. Durable masonry wall systems that can include insulation and that come in made-to-order color and design choices can meet your requirements for fire resistance and moisture prevention.

From Starbucks and McDonald’s to Chick-fil-A and Qdoba, CRH businesses have provided precast concrete structures, structural masonry, windows and skylights, veneered wall systems, asphalt, and more. Because of our national footprint and product breadth, we have the ability to meet local architectural standards and the flexibility to meet your deadlines. 

In addition to branding and aesthetics, there are operational considerations that restaurants must consider whether it’s a new build, inline retail, or remodel. Parking, grease interceptors, and entrances with fire alarms, are examples of operational systems that can lead to penalties if not addressed properly. Grease interceptors are devices installed outside of a building to separate and retain grease that gets washed down the drain. Grease traps are installed inside of the building and typically under a sink. Such devices are necessary to separate the oil and greases from wastewater discharge, and depending on your municipality, there are best management practices (BMPs) that must be followed to avoid blockages that come from pipe buildup of fats, oils, and greases.

Oldcastle Infrastructure, A CRH Company, developed the Strata Grease Interceptor™ to meet restaurants’ needs. Because the product is made of precast concrete with all internal components preinstalled, if the restaurant is operational, there is little to no interference with business hours or downtime. Read more here about an Oregon Red Lobster that was able to benefit from using a precast grease interceptor when their original system failed.

Products for Restaurants

CRH not only has products that can help meet operational and performance requirements, but we also have products that help you with your brand aesthetics and fast-paced schedules, including:

Whether the goal is enhancing comfort for learning spaces, lowering operational costs, or improving health, institutional facilities such as schools and hospitals have a lot to balance with the number of people that come in and out of their doors every day. It’s important to maintain healthy environments and that these types of “soft infrastructure” are operational during bad weather and community emergencies.

“The hard infrastructure is the obvious things like roads and highways and sewers…but then there's the soft infrastructure and that is schools and hospitals. A big part of wanting schools and hospitals is productivity because it's your workforce. You want healthy workers and you want smart workers.

Alex Carrick, ConstructConnect Chief Economist

Schools and healthcare facilities utilize building materials that are durable, can stand the test of time, and require low maintenance. Insulated wall systems and architectural masonry blocks are easy to clean and offer fire protection, moisture resistance, and a high wind rating which are key in these types of settings.

In addition to using durable building materials, hospitals and healthcare facilities need to be able to operate when power outages occur as lives often depend on it. CRH provides emergency backup power systems such as the above-ground ConVault fuel storage tank and underground precast fuel containment options. Reinforced concrete offers the durability and thermal protection needed.

Products for Education and Healthcare

Education and healthcare are important to the public, so making sure you build these facilities with safe, strong, and durable products is key. CRH products that can help reach your goals include:

Along with increased amenities and the use of technology, a growing number of travelers select their lodging based on sustainable options – from the frequency of their sheets being changed to indoor air quality and water efficiency. Architects in the hospitality segment are having to balance these trends with designing a repeatable product that can be constructed cost-effectively and quickly.

Beyond construction schedule and costs, designers in the hospitality sector must keep the comfort of employees and guests front of mind. 

Temperature, light, humidity, and more can influence how people feel whether they are paying guests or members of the hotel staff. Windows can have a large impact. Double-pane, low-emissivity (low-e) windows can keep UV heat and noise outside. Double-pane windows that use argon or krypton gas can have even higher efficiency than those filled with air. Low-e glazes are incredibly cost-effective, enhancing the window's insulation capacity with one or two thin metallic coats.

Also, when considering comfort, look at creating eco-friendly outdoor spaces. Outdoor living areas with patios, fireplaces or pits, and comfortable seating can help guests enjoy the entire property beyond their guest room. Plants enhance air quality and help areas recover from over-urbanization. Using native plants from the region while landscaping your new build will enhance the site's sustainability, while also requiring less maintenance than imported shrubs.

Products for Hospitality

From high-rise hotels to sprawling resorts, construction of hospitality properties must take into account growing requirements around green building and technology. CRH products that address these trends and help with speed and location include:

Whether it’s a new police station, fire station, an improvement to city offices, or a new correctional facility, government projects are often under close scrutiny from tax payers. Efficient materials that work together as a system and can be combined for multiple uses (e.g. administrative offices, investigative rooms, and detention areas) can help a project come in under budget and open for use without delay. Choosing materials that are non-combustible, durable, and economical is key.

For enhanced security, government buildings also need to use materials that provide strong protection against the impact and debris from a variety of blast and ballistic threats. CRH offers a variety of building envelope products including blast and bullet resistant glass and security glazing laminates that look aesthetically pleasing but will keep the building secure and people inside safe.

architectural-windows-christopher-bond-MO-courthouseDetention centers, prison cells, and dormitories also need to be built within budget. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Correctional News, correctional construction is declining, but there will be hundreds of thousands of unit and bed renovations needed to replace aging federal, state, and county facilities.

“Studies have identified up to 200,000 replacement beds are required over the next few years to replace aging federal, state and county facilities,” said Joe McKenna with Oldcastle Infrastructure. “Major jail and prison projects are on the horizon. Many smaller and medium-size counties are also considering replacing their outdated buildings with better-designed and technologically advanced facilities.”

Modular prison cells can be custom designed so guards can have a direct line of sight into cells and engineered to protect and extend the life of the facility. Oldcastle Infrastructure offers monolithic, structural precast concrete prison cells custom manufactured to your requirements. They are prefabricated in a controlled environment with plumbing and electricity to make installation quick and simple.

Products for Government Facilities

Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing one, CRH manufactures building materials and structures that are durable and long-lasting, including:

High-profile commercial projects come with a variety of challenges that can lead to schedule and product delays. For large sports and entertainment endeavors, these challenges might include political interests, competing projects, a non-negotiable groundbreaking date, and custom-engineered products.

Many of these problems can be solved from a building materials standpoint by discussing product options with the manufacturer earlier in the planning process. When Atlanta’s SunTrust Park began construction in 2014, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, located about 13 miles away, was already four months into construction and grabbing the interest of national contractors. Representatives from CRH businesses worked on both projects to provide technical advice, offer custom solutions, and solve specification challenges.

Whether your sports venue needs custom architectural glass, hardware for panic doors, a stormwater management system under your parking lot, or even design help and logistical support, CRH offers it all.

Designers and engineers of large developments — such as those for sports and entertainment venues — must also account for significant expanses of runoff-generating hardscape.

The water that hits the new parking lots, roads, roofs, and other paved surfaces doesn't have a natural path to the water table or streams like it once did. To address this, you can capture runoff and control the release back into the ground or storm drain system. Or, you can harvest the stormwater and reuse it.

levi's stadium stormwater systemFor construction of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, GHD Engineering (formerly Winzler & Kelly) chose a stormwater management system that would both collect and treat run-off as to not disturb nearby sensitive ecologies.

They selected several of CRH's stormwater management products, including the BioMod® Modular Biofiltration System, a stormwater collection and natural treatment system. Dual Vortex Separators and PerkFilter™ Media Filtration units were also selected to provide a comprehensive approach to managing and treating pollution from the site’s stormwater runoff.

Products for Sports and Entertainment

Whether it's a football game, concert, or motocross event, sports and entertainment venues capture the attention of the entire city due to their size and scale. CRH works with project owners and architects to custom engineer and manufacture products that will help make the venue a piece of art, including:

Considering that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, it’s no wonder that companies are making a renewed effort to focus on employee happiness and health in the office.

McKinney-and-Olive-Dallas-TX-architectural-glassCorporate offices should be appealing to workers yet maintain the functionality of the business whether it be for open collaboration, private calls, or team meetings. As companies retrofit buildings in established communities and take up office in mixed-use developments, it’s important to blend seamlessly into the surrounding neighborhoods. For instance, artisan masonry veneers can give you the feel of an aged stone façade but the durability of manufactured masonry.

For the companies that have employees who spend long hours in the office or for new modern builds, glass envelopes can help mitigate dark interiors. Low-e windows and high-performance pressure equalized curtain wall systems can increase energy efficiency and keep tenants more comfortable. Structural glazing systems can offer the same benefits plus resistance of wind load and seismic forces.

Office tenants might be looking to improve a space or do an interior renovation or fit-out. For these types of projects, interior wall systems that can unmounted, relocated, and reinstalled are a great option. For designers that prefer a clean and contemporary aesthetic— while meeting the flexibility needs of the tenant — Holoform™ demountable wall system by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® meets both functional and aesthetic needs at a value price.

Another keystone of a good working environment is communication. Whether it be over the phone or computer, making sure your business has the capacity and energy available is imperative. Oldcastle Infrastructure manufacturers electrical and communication vaults that are custom-outfitted for electrical, fiber-optic, and communications applications

Products for Corporate Projects

Whether your office project is an 18-story high-rise or a retrofit in a historic downtown district, it's important the envelope blends in with the surroundings and that the interior creates a welcoming environment. CRH products that can help do this include:

Be ready to open in the quickest and safest manner possible

Regardless of the commercial sector you are working in, overcoming design, product selection, and construction challenges can be tough and time-consuming.

Avoid these problems and find a construction expert who can be involved early in the project and offer guidance on design,  custom-engineering, logistics, and ways to bring value to your project.

Start your next commercial project off on the right foot.

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