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Top Ten Advantages of Pre-Fab BIM 

Download the Top Ten Advantages of Pre-Fab BIM Everyone is looking for ways to become more efficient and that’s why Pre-Fab is becoming more and more popular. But did you know by adding BIM to your Pre-Fab development you can enjoy even more benefits?

With our infographic, you’ll understand the primary benefits of adding BIM to your Pre-Fab development process. And, you’ll have it as a handy reference.

Here’s just a few of the insights you’ll learn:

  • How BIM impacts scheduling
  • The role of BIM with end-users
  • The impact of BIM on linear construction
  • How BIM influences contractor selection
  • How BIM eliminates a traditional process step

The ‘Top Ten Advantages of Pre-Fab BIM’ will give you valuable rationale for incorporating pre-fab BIM in your next pre-fab project.